Sunday, March 30, 2008

Get Ready to Tweet

The Internet continues to evolve and generate new words and expressions. Remember when you first heard about Google? Now it has become a verb. Just Google it!!!

Now it's time to get ready to Twitter. (To "tweet", a verb makes you a "Twitter", a noun) My tech savvy son brought this to my attention several weeks ago and I must say I am fascinated. Not that I will be spending a lot of time tweeting, but I keep thinking of how this will move into the mainstream for commercial applications. Ooops, perhaps I should explain what a Twitter is. In brief, it is part blog, part e-mail, and part instant messenger. You can broadcast messages but you are limited 140 characters. I say broadcast because someone must decide to "follow" you through your Twitter name. Most new users start with simple things like "Hi, I'm at the airport on my way to Palm Springs". Presently, it is a cutting edge social networking medium but like blogging, MySpace, & YouTube will likely find commercial applications very soon. I like it for its versility and cost (zero). You can send and receive on any device that connects to the internet. It's ability to communicate to large groups of people almost instantly seems to be its commercial value. You could easily communicate with employees regardless of their location. I could forsee even communicating with customers. In any event, if you are in business and are interested in what lies ahead, I would suggest learning about Twitter. To read more you can click here which will take you to an article on the subject including a link to a very well done YouTube video explaining it all. A clever way to use two new technical mediums.

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Jeff the Great said...

this son of yours sounds like a smart guy :)