Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogging Again

I returned to the banking industry in mid-2008. Since then I've been absorbed in my job as a workout specialists and after a long day of analyzing, writing, and talking, found it difficult to muster the strength to do yet more of the same in the evening. While I am still busy on the job, I have decided to find the time to add some thoughts here from time to time.
Actually, what brought this on was an accidental Google search that brought up my June 2008 post below about what I then observed as the de-leveraging of America. At the risk of indulging in a bit of self-congratulations, I must say it was "spot on". Just above that post is one about Hudson City Bancorp. I now see that their stock price has taken a beating this year, not because of poor lending habits, but the scarcity of earnings in our de-leveraging economy.

And WOW!  The CountryWide acquisition turned out to be even worse than I predicted! 
On another evening I plan to write about what I see as the banking industry being in the second phase of the post deregulation era.

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